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Sep 03, 2010 at 03:27 PM

Generic FG/class for spreading non-monthly qty's into monthly buckets


In custom long-term planning reports, we may have to use data like labor hours that are stored in non-monthly buckets, e.g. buckets like

12/15/2010 u2013 1/14/2011 100 hours

1/15/2011 u2013 2/14/2011 80 hours


But in order to make our long-term reports useful for cash-flow estimation/planning, we may have to reslot such non-monthly data into fiscal monthly buckets like:

Dec 2010

Jan 2011

Feb 2011

In the above simple example, the translation from non-monthly data to monthly data is simple:

half of the hours from the 12/15/2010-1/14/2011 non-monthly bucket go into the Dec 2010 monthly bucket and

half of the hours from the 12/15/2010-1/14/2001 non-monthly bucket go into the Jan 2011 monthly bucket.


And generalizing from this simple example, you can see that there will always be some ratio in which the non-monthly data can be split into monthly data. (For example, the ratio between a non-monthly bucket and two successive monthly buckets might be 3:1 if 3 weeks of the non-monthly bucket fall into the first monthly bucket and the fourth week of the non-monthly bucket falls into the second monthly bucket.

These considerations suggest that SAP developers and customers might benefit from a generic FG or class that:

accepted a set of non-monthly buckets plus a set of quantities

figured out the monthly buckets spanning this set of non-monthly buckets

spread the non-monthly data into the monthly buckets correctly (according to the simple u201Cratiou201D idea outlined above.)

This generic FG or class would do (1-3) regardless of the specific nature of the quantities involved ... because who cares what they are. Also, one could imagine a version of this class or FG where the output buckets might not be monthly, but rather a different set of non-monthly buckets than the input non-monthly buckets.

So, my four questions are:

Does anyone know of an SAP-delivered class or FG that does (1-3) (Iu2019m thinking SCM/APO might well have one u2026)

If not, does anyone have anything approaching this class of FG that they would care to share with me (via email, of course)?

If not, does any genius out there have the time to write such a class and put it in the SDN code base?

Do you all agree that the safest way to get the ratio is to take everything to the u201Clowest common denominatoru201D of days and then figure the ratio accordingly?

Thanks for considering this matter.