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Sep 03, 2010 at 02:10 PM

GR/IR Clearing Differs for CAD and USD Currency


Hi Gurus,

Weu2019re having an issue in a plant located in Canada with their GR/IR clearing automatically.

The Scenario is

1) The PO is entered in CAD. when the GR is done, the USD value is based on the translation rate at that time. When doing the invoice, they enter it in CAD for the same amount,with reference to PO so the CAD balance is 0. But, there is a difference for the amount between the GR and IR. The GR value is showing more than the IR value.

When the user looks at their GR/IR issues,it is $0 balance, but still shows up in FBL3N. We run MR11 to try to clear it, but General accounting has to use F-03 for the clearing and write-off the remaining USD balances.

2) My Company code currency is u201CCADu201D and my Group Currency is u201CUSDu201D. I have maintained GR/IR clearing account as u201Conly balances in local currencyu201D

Please advice on this. Thanks in Advance.