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Sep 03, 2010 at 11:19 AM

Spool error


We had scheduled a Job the job is completed but the spool list is Problem status. The spool log is

Print request processing log

Character converter active when first problem occurred

Data was saved with character set 1100

Data will be converted to character set 1116 (synt = 1116)

Print request data could not be processed completely

Unable to print character 1 (Page 10, line 55)

Print output may not be as intended

Most important attributes of spool request

Request number 917682

Request name LIST1S TIFS ZMM00101_R_

Client 020


Request attributes

Time created 2010090208013600

Remaining life +99999999999

Dispo 1 (Go/Hold) G

Dispo 2 (Keep/Delete) K

Dispo 3 (Indirect/Direct) D

Default output device TIFS

Default no. copies 1

Format X_65_132

Main print request characteristics

Spool request number 917682

Print request number 1

Print request attributes

Time created 2010090208270300

Output device TIFS

Format X_65_132

Character converter active when first problem occurred

No information available