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Sep 03, 2010 at 08:06 AM



Hello All,

I am trying to send material master IDOCs with classification data from ECC 6 to PI.

In the distribution model I have activated MATMAS & CLFMAS message types, when i run BD21 with these message types, I get 2 different IDOcs which i can relate with the material number & OBJKEY.

However i have a requirement to send the materials in full. When i just change MM classification data, only CLFMAS is generated & when i just chage M* related tables only MATMAS is generated. Is there any way to generate MATMAS & CLFMAS in tandem when either one of them is changed?

I see in the CLFMAS filter criteria there is a 'MATMAS' checkbox which is a 'dependent distribution object'; can I make use of this?? I tried to but i get an error 'No function module has been assigned to business object type BUS1001006'; apparently there is not entry for MATMAS in table TBD14.

This is how far i could get guys, can you please guide me from here??

Your help is much appreciated!