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Sep 02, 2010 at 11:41 PM

Storage unit management for bottles and bags in pallet



We receive raw materials in pallets, these pallets have many Bottles / Drums / Bags in a pallet.

For production staging we need individual bottles / bags, so we decided to create individual SU numbers for bottles / drums within the pallet.

When we create individual SU numbers for putaway. SAP proposes ONE BIN per SU and thats should not be the case.

As we want to maintain all bottles/bags and SU in one bin.

If we create the transfer order manually, we can add multiple SU per bin, creating TO/SU manually is not a possible solution during putaway.

1) Question 1: Has anybody been able to force system to accept the pallet with multiple SU into one bin during putaway?

-- This seems to be a SAP limitation were every SU will be putaway into a new bin.

-- We have tried to use putaway strategies (u201CNext empty bin/Addition to stock and Mixed storage) all seem to work the same way.

2) Also we have tried other methods:

-- ONE storage unit for entire pallet

-- Same storage unit for each bag:

We have this issue, were we cannot change the qty in RF, and we need to pick the entire pallet. After usage we need to return the remaining qty by creating a new SU and we need to change the qty in RF.

We are trying to find a standard solution, before we can think of developments. If this doesnu2019t work we are planning to go back to a non-SU managed warehouse.

Thanks in advance for all the help and suggestions: