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Sep 02, 2010 at 08:05 PM

Path to DB2 Software not found while performing System Copy on Java Add-On


Can anyone help with the issue I encountered during System Copy on Java Add-On step?

Our dev env is SAP ECC5.0. We made a system copy of it. ABAP stack system copy went fine. We can login to ABAP without any issue. However, when performing Java add-on system copy, encountered following errors. Tried to initial the installation session with db2c?? profile and reinstall, it failed with same messages. Please inform what might be possible cause of this error.


INFO 2010-09-02 11:23:08


Execution of the command "/usr/sap/C34/SYS/exe/run/disp+work -v" finished with return code 0. Output:

Kernel release: 640, Kernel patch level: 43, Codepage: Unicode

ERROR 2010-09-02 11:23:42 [iaxxinscbk.cpp:289]


MUT-02041 Path to DB2 Software not found!

WARNING 2010-09-02 11:23:42 [iaxxccntrl.cpp:477]


The step DetectSaturn with step key J2EE_SystemCopy_OneHost|ind|ind|ind|WebAS|64



J2EEDB|10|0|DetectSaturn was executed with status ERROR.

SAPinst component stack:



Current script:


if (!installer.onWindows()) {

var pmgt = new ProcessMgt();

var curr_proc_env = pmgt.getCurrentProcessEnvironment();

var DB2DB6_INSTDIR = curr_proc_env.getEnvironmentVariable("DB2DB6_INSTDIR").value();

var DB2SoftwarePath = context.get("DatabaseSoftwarePath");

curr_proc_env.setEnvironmentVariable(new Property("DB2DB6_INSTDIR", DB2SoftwarePath));

installer.writeTrace("Environment Variable DB2DB6_INSTDIR, original value=<"DB2DB6_INSTDIR">, new value=<"DB2SoftwarePath">");


if ( installer.getGlobalParameter("DB6DBVERSION") == "NA" ) {

var CallModul = {lib:"iamoddb6", module:"CDB6Common", version:"1.1", call:"GetSoftwareLevel", arg:[]}

var version=installer.invokeModuleCall(CallModul) ;

installer.writeTrace("CDB6Common.GetSoftwareLevel returned : "version"to control.xml");

if (version.substr(0,3) == "N/A") {

installer.writeTrace("Path to DB2 Software not found.\n");

installer.writeTrace("Installation will abort.");

installer.abortInstallation("utlmod.generic", "Path to DB2 Software not found!");


if ( version.substr(0,10) >= "08.02.0002" )

setEnvParameter("DB6DBVERSION", version);

else {

installer.writeTrace("Software Level not found or not high enough to support the Installation.\n");

installer.writeTrace("Installation will abort.");

installer.abortInstallation("utlmod.generic", "Software Level not found or not high enough to support the Installation!");




installer.writeTrace("DB6DBVERSION of "installer.getGlobalParameter("DB6DBVERSION")" was set \n"

+"the Database check via CDB6Common. GetSoftwareLevel was skipped \n" )

WARNING 2010-09-02 11:24:58 [iaxxcsihlp.hpp:250]


An error occurred during the installation.

Closing RFC connection 000:DDIC:EN:clisapd1:00:::...

Closing RFC connection 000:DDIC:EN:clisapd1:00:::... Done!

Appreciate any help.