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Sep 02, 2010 at 08:31 AM

Enhancement in VA41/VA42


Hi All,

I have this specific situation.

In VA42 Transactn, in the "Billing Plan" tab (header/item level), if we change the value of "Rule for Origin of Next Billing/Invoice Date(FPLA-PERIO)", say to "Quaterly" or "Monthly", amounts(FPLT-FAKWR) get generated at each newly generated item level(FPLT-FPLTR). (quaterly - 4 items, monthly - 12 items)

The summation of the FAKWR values at these item levels i.e., the Net Value , results in a marginal difference when compared to net value of the contract-item (KOMP-NETWR - this value can be found in conditions tab).

My requirement is as below:

Eg: Consider Net Value from Document of an Item as USD 1000 and Monthly Billing Plan. When PERIO is set to Monthly, this amount will be divided in equal 12 parts each of USD 83.33

So on Billing plan tab, Net Value becomes 83.33 * 12 = 999.96

Now there is a difference of USD 0.04 between Billing Plan net value and Conditions net value.

So I need to modify first line in Billing plan and add the difference so that first line has value 83.37 and total comes to 1000.

I have two user exits in the Billing Plan,



when checked in debug mode, the value of XFPLT tables contains all the newly generated FLTPR values but, the FAKWR values are getting generated some where at a later point.

I need some place after that point where I can "tweak" the value of first newly generated FLTPR's FAWKR.

It would be of great help if someone can help me in this regards.

PS: SAP Note 92655 is already applied to make this tweaking possible.