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Sep 02, 2010 at 06:04 AM

problems with messaging


heya ABAP,

not too sure if form printing is the right forum, but i think so.

We have a special (own-development) print button in out sales order process (VA01/02/03/21/22/23). what it does in detail is not relevant, but part of it is to display the output types able to get processed for actual document in an own popup.

In order to find out what the output types for the actual document are, we are calling FB MESSAGING.

So MESSAGING has no parameter returning the found output types.

Debugging around a bit i found out, that after i called MESSAGING i can do a dirty assign to (SAPLV61B)XNAST[] which then holds the output types found for the document in process.

This works fine! Well in one way...

We have one special delivery-block-reason (another development of ours), when this is set, no output types are found.

we have realized that by checking for this delivery block reason in a condition which is attached to all the output types in question.

This one works well as well.

problem is, if i am in a document, delivery block reason is our special one, and press the button for our popup, all works fine, no messages get found. Now staying in the transaction, changing reason to some other or none, will give us the correct output types found. But when i now select our special reason again, and hit my button i run into the real problem.

even tho i´m doing the messaging again (SAPLV61B)XNAST[] stays filled with the output types which were found in the run before where no reason was set.

(SAPLV61B)YNAST[] and (SAPLV61B)NNAST[], somehow stay always initial.

any ideas to come around this?