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Sep 01, 2010 at 10:49 AM

CRVS2010 beta 2 - Share Crystal Between Projects


Hi there

Has anyone managed to share a crystal report between projects in VS2010

What I've found is if I add to project A, it works

Then I add to B and it works in B

But if I then recompile A, it stops working in A

The funny thing is that if you debug the application, it works perfectly

If you run from the EXE (even on the developer machine) it gives an error "Resource can not be found in the project manifest"

(PS If you upgraded a shared file, you may not pick up issues until you start making changes to any of the shared files, and then too when you later compile and redistribute)

I looked at the .vb source code, and I beleive this is the guilty party!

Public Overrides Property FullResourceName() As String


Return "WHDStorageWHS.crpGRVPrintOut.rpt"

End Get


'Do nothing

End Set

End Property

FullResourceName Property has the Project Name generated into the Name...I'm guessing that is the issue

My 2003 CR vb files does not have FullResourceName in it

If anyone can provide help I will appreciate it

For now I have been forced to keep different copies of the file and manage it that way 😔