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Dec 05, 2016 at 12:57 PM


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I am trying to write a select criteria based off of certain details (top part of the formula), PLUS, include one person specific. The formula I currently have is:

{Resources.Subject} = "Influenza Immunization" and
{Privileges.Starting_Date}<=currentdate and
{Professional_Staff_Category} in ["ACTIVE", "ASSOCIATE", "LOCUM TENENS", "MOD-ACTIVE", "PROB-TERM", "TEMPORARY", "TERM"] and
{Privileges.Appointment_Type} = "Primary" and
{Privileges.Ending_Date} >= currentdate and
{Lookup_Sites.Site} in ["NORTHPOLE"] and

{Master.Surname} = "SANTA"

I have tried adding brackets, but each time they disappear. If someone could help me place the brackets in the correct area, I would appreciate it. I am guessing that they are disappearing because I am not placing them in the correct spot.

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1 Answer

Ian Waterman Dec 05, 2016 at 03:31 PM

The select you have does not need brackets. None of your conditions are dependent on any of the others.

You would only need brackets if you had some conditional filters eg If..Then ..else

or you were trying to include some conditions with OR

You need to be more specific about what you are trying to achieve.


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This has been extremely helpful. Thank you. I appreciate your help with this.