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Feb 27, 2019 at 09:22 AM

MDK: Read EntitySet failed error missing property



I get the following error in my MDK app when I navigate to the detail screen of my Reports entity.

CONSOLE ERROR file:///app/utils/Logger.js:53:24: [error] MDKClientLogger - Error: Read EntitySet failed | QueryResultError: Result entity Reports(null) of type 'ExpensesService.Reports' is missing property 'ID'. This client application did not explicitly use selectAll(), selectKey() or select(...) to specify those properties that it requires. The server is permitted to return a subset of properties in such cases. In this case, the server has returned []. In order to prevent unpredictable behaviour, this client application should be modified to specify (using selectAll/selectKey/select) those properties that it requires. Alternatively you can:    - set the ServiceOptions.fixMissingNullValues property to true to add missing nullable non-collection typed properties to the parse result    - set the ServiceOptions.fixMissingEmptyLists property to true to add missing collection typed properties to the parse result    - set the ServiceOptions.checkResults property to false to disable this check

I have an association between Reports and Expenses but the expenses are not displayed on the Reports details page. The error message is not really helpful because I don't know how to specify what properties the service should return (i.e how are we supposed to use selectAll(), selectKey() or select(...)?).

I tried the standard OData $select=* query option but it didn't change anything.