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Aug 31, 2010 at 10:09 AM

5.3-SP12 CUP-Differenciate backend system status updating imported roles


Hello everyone,

We are importing roles via ERM, by the way, since we want to provide all the imported roles into CUP to three different backend systems (Developing, Q and Production) we will proceed to import those roles that have been generated into developing status at ERM and once they are being imported into CUP they will be tagged into the proper system.

The issue is that whenever the role will be updated at ERM, for example, it is transfer from Q (backend) to Production (backend), and that role was imported as "Q" into CUP, I need to differentiate into CUP this three status even though to make this changes automatic.

Is there any way to make these changes automatic? Is there any best practice?

I contemplate to distinguish the updated status at the backend system into CUP by:



-Enable and provision

Any idea will be very welcomed!

Thanks in advance!