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Aug 30, 2010 at 07:04 PM

ISH Cost center allocation NCOP


Hi there,

Using transaction NCOP I have set up cost centers linked to organizational units. I have a requirement to assign organizational units to different cost centres based on validity dates. For example, org unit C5 is assigned to cost center C5 from 19990101 to 20100811. As of 20100812, org unit C5 is assigned to cost center C5SG. When billing using transaction NA30N when the patient has been discharged, I would expect that the revenue up to 20100811 would be assigned to cost center C5 and after that, it would be assigned to C5SG. However, when I bill using a date of 20100830, I see that all revenue is going to C5SG instead of being split based on validity dates. When interim bill using a date of August 11, the revenue up to that date is allocated to C5 correctly. The entries in table NO2K have the correct validity date. Any idea why revenue postings do not consider the validity date on the cost center config and why they seem to be dependant on billing date?


Shelley Braida