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Can transfer posting be done for a material without material master record

Dec 05, 2016 at 11:22 AM


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We have a consumption based PO with a free text material(material without a material number or material master record) which has stock in quality inspection.

We need to post this mterial stock to unrestricted use.

CAn anyone suggesst if this is possible

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My initial answer is no.

But I'd need to know more. Like Jurgen asked, how do you see this stock? Can you provide the transactions and material movements you use in this process? I'm not really aware of this process and would really like to know more.

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1 Answer

Jürgen L
Dec 05, 2016 at 01:57 PM

In which transaction do you see this stock for a text material in quality inspection?

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Hi All,

Thanks for your reply.

We can post the free text material in Purchase order to quality inspection stock/ unrestricted stock while doing goods receipt.



Have you tried material movement 322? (i think, might be 321) via MIGO?

Can you provide a screen print of the stock of this free material in MMBE?


Hi Criag,

We will not be able to view the stock for non text material in MMBE.

We can only trace the stock mvmt in the GR document

So currently we have stock in quality inspection and we had to move the stock to unrestricted.

So i had cancelled the GR for posting material to quality inspection and then posted the material to unrestricted by creating a new GR document

Please let me know if there are any scope of moving the material stock from quality inspection to unrestricted w/o using MIGO_GR



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When you post the the material to QI, can you go into the inspection lot (QA02 or QA03) and view the document lot creation data? Can you provide a screen print of that? In one of those documents there is probably some mention of a material movement that was used to create the inspection lot. Usually that movement to post the stock out of QI is one off of that, (i.e. like 321/322). If you can figure out if there is material movement behind the creation of the lot, it mightbe possible to determine the movement to move the material out. Than that movement type can be configured against one of the extra UD stock posting lines possibly.

But I'm not sure as I've never seen this particular process before.