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Aug 30, 2010 at 09:03 AM

CRVS2010 beta -Dynamically chang pictures in Crystal from file not database



I have googled extensively for solutions to this and found no suitable answers to my question. Is it still not possible to set the image in a picture box at runtime from a file?

Since it seems not easily done at this point, could somebody please show me the preferred way to accomplish this. I am using Visual Studio 2010 with the beta 2 release of CR for VS2010.

Teh reason I would prefer not to store my images in the database is because of the obvious overhead when doing so, both in network traffic and database hits required to display the report and it's sub reports. Also, the storage requirement for all the images will stop any of my users from using the express versions of sql server because of the max database size restriction which I think is still 4GB.


John Scott

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