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Former Member
Aug 28, 2010 at 06:16 AM

Fetching data from pa0000 pa0002 pa0006 and pa0041


Hi All,

I have below specilf requriement .

For a list of user ids (around 2000) i need to fectch data from different infotypes like pa0000 pa0002 pa0041 and pa0006

in on shot.

condition is that ,the pernrs should be present in pa0000 ,pa0002 and optinal for pa0006 and pa0041.

and i have prepared an inner join for the same.but it is not giving me records which are present in all 4 tables ,so i am loosing some records where address is not mantained.

i have also tried to use left outer join ,but here system will not allow to put where condition for other i can put condition only for left table in my case pa0002 ,but i cant put any condition to pa0006 and pa00041.

so how can i achive the result.