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Aug 27, 2010 at 05:50 PM

Language problem in sap ides ecc 6.0 sr3


Dear SAPexperts!!

I have a problem with my sap ides and the languages...can anyone please help me?

I have installed it in a windows 2003 64-bits machine and it is an unicode system. I have applied support packages until SP 22 level (SP stack).

In smlt, i have installed all the support packages for the languages and then changed the parameter zcsa/installed_languages to "DES" in order to use the spanish language.

I18N configuration is fine.

The problem is that the system is not working fine with English, German and spanish language. For example, in the initial screen where you fill the gaps with client, user, pass and language, the "change password" button is not being showed. The button is there, very slim, but without text.

Another example, in most of the transactions, in the "menu bar" there are only being showed "system" and "help"...and nothing about the rest of the options.

The text of the buttons for example in se38 transaction are not being showed, the "execute" text (when i click on the execution button) is showed as "@15@". And the rest of the buttons with some codes like that.

In LSMW transaction, the buttons are very slim and without texts, like in the logon screen...

Which can be the problem with that??? If the problem is with spanish language i will try to supplement it again...but the problem is with english and German too which are the default and "complete translate" languages in the system...

Any idea??

thanks in advance and best regards,