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Aug 27, 2010 at 10:58 AM

Page Footer Control with Sub Reports


I am building a docment pack which comprises a container report and 10 subreports for each part of the pack.

Individual SRs are suppressed depending on the document type required, eg Quote, New Business Confirmation, Renewal etc.

All that is working fine. the SRs require a selection of about 4 different page footers. As an SR does not have a PF I have created a PF in container report with 4 different text boxes as required.

I am then using variables along side the SRs to turn on and off the suppression of the various text boxes. All is OK provided the SR is only one page. However, if two properties are insured some of the SRs require two pages, in these cases Page 1 has no footer but page two has the correct footer.

I have tried placing the Variable formulas (all are shared vars) in different places

Alongside the SR

In a section avbove the SR with New page before this checked

Inside the SR in the report header

In desparation created fake page header in SR and added it there

None of which solved the problem

I would be grateful if anyone can tell me what I have missed or if it is a feature of SRs that what I am trying to do is impossible.

Using CR10 with Oracl e10

Thank you