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Aug 27, 2010 at 10:09 AM

olap universe lov restriction on detail object key



I created a restriction on dimension lov in SAP olap universe using 0PLANT dimension on Orders keyfigure as below

<EXPRESSION>(@Select(Key Figures\Orders),[0PLANT].[1000])</EXPRESSION> 

this syntax works but webi results are not matching with BEx.

Values of BEx RKF and formula object (

=[Orders] Where([L01 Plant] = "1000") 

)created in webi are matching.

I am trying to create restriction on detail key object, like

<EXPRESSION>(@Select(Key Figures\Orders),[0PLANT].[LEVEL01].[[20PLANT]].[Value].[1000])</EXPRESSION> 

above measure is giving error when i run the webi query.

here both L01 Plant and L01 Plant Key are having same lov as 1000,but i wanted check exact values with detail key syntax.

Can anyone please tell me the syntax for using detail objects keys for restriction in Select Clause.