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Aug 27, 2010 at 07:31 AM

Adding new currency to SAP R/3



All Experts.

I am adding to new currency RON to SAP R/3 all the DO's & DONT's given in system. I am stuck up at one point that is Define translation ratios for currency translation. The process in SAP Note is given like this....

Under the customizing point "Define translation ratios for currency translation" (Transaction OBBS), choose the menu point Selection criteria -- > By Contents.

In the pop-up, choose the fields "From currency" and "To currency". In the next pop-up, enter the field contents ROL for both the "From currency" and the "To currency" as well as the Oper. "OR". Press the button "Choose".

You should now have selected all ratios where either the "from" or the "to" currency is ROL. Now select all found entries using the menu point Edit -- > Selections -- > Select All.

Copy the currency pairs to new keys replacing ROL with RON. In most cases, you will also want to set the ratios to 1 to 1.

SAP Note way out is quite tedious and I am not getting it.... 😔

OR I want to try the same as NEW ENTRIES option. which one to opt. Can I go to simply for New Entries ? Will it hamper system ?

Expert guidance will be helpful on this.


Sharvari Joshi.