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Aug 27, 2010 at 06:46 AM

How ro Transport SLD and ID objects


Hi friends,

What is the best way to transport SLD ,ID objects, I can export and import in SLD objects from Dev to Qual.

I have created one business System for my SAP ECC, The name of the Business System in BS_RD5_210, and Client is 210, and used this Business System in almost 40 interfaces as a sender and Receiver.

But in Quality Environment I have create one Business System name BS_RQ5_500 and Client is 500, and going to use 500 client to test my all interfaces in Qual.

I want to transport my Business System from Dev(BS_RD5_210) to Qual(BS_RQ5_500), how to maintain relationship between Dev and Qual because name and client are different.

And if I transport ID objects the name of the Business will be BS_RD5_210, how to change this to quality name.

PS: I donu2019t have basis team, First time I am handling transports, so looking for good inputs:

I am trying with File Transport and I know the process and I have transported ESR objects ,but not ID and SLD objects.

Many thanks Advance,