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Feb 25, 2019 at 03:07 PM

Intercompany Pricing how to get sames price of customer invoice


Dear All,

At the time of customer invoice(F2), PR00 price is automatically updated

Copy control from delivery to billing(F2), Pricing type is 'C'.

At the time of intercompany invoice(IV), price(PR00) is copied from sales order and we are using IV02 percentage condition.

Copy control from delivery to intercompany billing (IV), pricing type is 'G'

For Example,

Sales order was created in January having PR00 value as 60 Euro

When customer invoice created on February it has taken PR00 values as 63 Euro based on different price during that month.

When the Intercompany invoice is created on February, PR00 value is copied from sales order as 60 Euro.

How to get the PR00 value as 63 Euro which we have invoiced to customer.