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Aug 27, 2010 at 02:26 AM

editing programs from windows using mac java abap editor on 4.6c



While using the abap editor on Mac on 4.6c, lines in windows abap editor for example like this,


which is occupying the maximum column of the whole editor becomes broken on the mac gui like this



It looks like that the column count on the windows gui and the java gui is different. Is there a work around for this as it is very time consuming to fix and irritating.

I also can't find the short cut key in mac for commenting lines like in windows CONTROL + COMMA. I have to click the menu bar and select comment block. Much appreciated if you could teach me on how to this in the mac environment.

One more question. When using a program that has an option to upload a file, I can't use the drop down to select the file and simply typing the address of the file like /HOME/USER/DESKTOP/FILE.TXT doesn't work either. But when used in ecc 6 I had no problems. I can't also just drag the file to the file upload box as it doesn't work also.