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Aug 26, 2010 at 09:25 PM

Sort condition only works in initial query


I have a two structure selections where I need the ability to sort the results descending (toggled one at a time). I've created two "Bottom % - 100" conditions and have one active to start.

When I first execute the query, the active condition correctly sorts the results descending on the first column. However, if I deactivate that first condition and then activate the 2nd sort condition, the query results do not re-sort themselves accordingly.

Even if I save a query view with only the 2nd sort active and then re-execute the view, the 2nd sort still does not apply correctly. The query results only sort correctly during the first execution of the base query, with whichever sort condition was saved as active in the query definition.

Any thoughts on how to effectively alternate sort columns would be appreciated.