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Former Member
Aug 26, 2010 at 12:47 PM

SRM 7 SC: wrong confirmation linkage



We have upgrade from srm 3 to srm 7 and are using with classic scenario.

SC are created successfully with backend PR and PO, when we check the status of SC in related documents it shows all the documents from SC to PR to PO correctly except confirmation.Here even though we havent created any confirmation for the PO it shows an old confirmation linking to the newly created PO in history.

For eg.

Doc Doc no Backend Doc No date

Shopping cart 71 8/26/2010

PR 31 8/26/2010

PO 41 8/26/2010

Conf 13 5/19/2009

As you can see though i havent created any confirmation it automatically links an old confirmation dated back to 2009 to sc/po.

I have created both background jobs clean-req and bbp_get_status plus also have maintained SYS for both r/3 and local srm system,as we create confirmations in SRM.

Please do advice.