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Aug 26, 2010 at 08:32 AM

Block the output in R/3 if order is not compliant


Hello All

We are currently implementing SAP GTS compliance module. To integrated SAP GTS with the rest of the solution, we want to block the output for purchase orders and sales orders and the creation of the subsequent document.

For the creation of the subsequent document, there are some SAP notes related to it and it doesn't really create an issue for us

For the output, we are currently struggling to find a correct solution

So far, we had found the oss note 900555 to block the printed output for the Purchase order but how can we do it for the others ?

In addition, I didn't find any solution for the sales orders output ( expecially we hae some EDI messages that we want to block)

Currently we were investigating an other way to do it:

- Send back a user status that we will use as condition to determine the output. We have still some concerns about this solution because it means that by default we should put this user status as "non-compliant" for all the orders and only when the status is sent back from GTS we can execute the output

An issue that raise to me also the developper is that in R/3 the output determination is executed before the first call to GTS.

I hope that some members of the community have better solution which ideally can cover PO and SO with real time call

Thank you in advance