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Aug 25, 2010 at 03:06 PM

(QM)-SKIP is not happeneing for the lot- the dynamic modification rule


Hi friends,

When lot gets triggered, in the lot the quality stage as per dynamic modification rule is being updated correctly. For example,the current lot(under inspection specification tab-qa03) has stage as 20 and severity-0 ie.perfect. As per our rule,the stage 20 is meant for skip. As per observation,only the skip stage-20 is getting displayed correctly in the lot.

1. But the the " SKIP " status is not appeared in the LOT - Why? (But stage 20 is appeared correctly)

2. Sample is also calculated in the lot for the stage 20- ( It should be skipped as there is no need for result recording ! )

3.Result recording screen should be grayed out mode....but in my case it is not happening.

I have assigned dynamic modification rule in the inspection Plan-header view & At lot level is also maintained.Inspection type is customized from 01 type. Usage is 5. lot origin 01. Sampling procedure is also assigned against dynamic.modi.rule in QDB1.

Note: The same dynamic modification rule is working fine in another plant for the inspection type, say X which is also configured from 01 type.Usage is 5.

How I can achieve the same? Need inputs for further check.