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Aug 25, 2010 at 10:07 AM

CRVS2010 Beta - Edit Sql query at runtine - update the datasource



After ask your service through the thread : "CRVS2010 Beta - Edit Sql query at runtine ", I try an "other" solution to upgrade the query of my report at runtime : update the datasource (even if you told me that I should meet performance hits).

So I follow this guide : Link: []

Here is a sample of what I wrote :

GroupPath gp = new GroupPath();

string sql = String.Empty;

Rpt.ReportClientDocument.RowsetController.GetSQLStatement(gp, out sql);

sql = sql.Replace("ORDER BY", "WHERE produit.gererproduit =1 AND CODEPRODUIT < 50 ORDER BY");


For the test I try to update the report sql statement with a where clause ; with this test where clause, the query return only one product instead ofthe whole catalog (nearly 13000 products) ; but when I run the report I get all the product list ; moreover, the group filter on the left become totaly fault, as if they use the single product goup...

What did I do wrong?

Is there a report parameter to set?