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Aug 25, 2010 at 10:02 AM

master data flow



i have an doubt,

my data comes from,

source system(ECC)->PSA>write opt DSO(staging DSO)>std DSO(consolidated DSO)>cube

see if am loading material master data from source to cube,

firat i want to load last 6 month of data which is Full laod

i was kept mat type is an attri to mat master,

in my first full load completed sucessfully

if i wan to load delta load upto staging DSO the data came successfully,if two record comes with same key

but in std DSO i could nt got those values

how do i retrieve from staging DSO to cube?

mat type

raw mat

finished goods

packing mat

i could nt get pack materail dta to cube side ie some of the data get summarized,

i want to do any settingsin DSO ?

plz advice