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Aug 25, 2010 at 09:59 AM

JavaScript Examples - Error



I wanted to add some simple javascript/html based business method to get a feeling of how the Streamwork API works. I downloaded the "hello world" sample, modified the title and the corresponding bundle.xml entries and uploaded it. I was able to add the method via the tools catalog and it was displayed by Streamwork. But "get_data" and "set_data" didn't work. I could click the buttons and than an alertbox with Streamwork style opened and told me "something went wrong". But the return_msg function wasn't executed.

I tried a simple alert-command without the handler and it worked (alerbox, which displays the elemetId).

Therefore I think the problem is somewhere at the handler.clientChannel.publish... - call. Maybe something with the data: {path: statemennt? I'm not realy sure, what to enter as data path - the example referred to "myData" which is the data element given by the bundle.xml as initial data.

Maybe someone had similar problems before and can help me?