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Aug 25, 2010 at 08:24 AM

Transaction iView & property "Process first screen"


Hi Experts,

Need your inputs on one of the requirements we have.

1. Is it possible to pass the values to Transactional iView dynamically?

2. I have created a Transactional iView for SE38 transaction and want to directly we the outcome of program (screen which

comes after we put the name of PROGRAM and click on execute button), and for the same I am trying to use property of

Transactional iView "Process first screen" which says:

"If set to 'true',<Enter> is automatically executed when the transaction is started, and the first screen is executed if all

mandatory screen fields are defined", but it is not taking we to the expected screen but rendering the initial screen only.

3. a. We have to create a Transactional iview for PA40 transaction.

b. And then we will pass the Action type (HIRE / MAINTAIN etc) to the transaction.

c. Now based on Action Type and with the help of iView property "Process first screen", we want user to view the

screens i.e. initial PA40 screen should be executed automatically and based on Action Type they should be able to view

next screen directly.directly..

Point no. 3 is my approach to solve the requirement, please let me know if you have any other view so fulfil the requirement.

I have already gone through the documentation by SAP on Transactional iView.

Appreciate your quick response.