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How to make QRFC and TRFC call for the same RFC FM in program?

Hi All,

Can any on explain how to make call for RFC FM as QRFC and TRFC?,

Every time i call RFC FM in background task, and then call COMMIT WORK, the RFC call goes by default to trfc queue that is SM58 tcode, so if this is the way to make call as TRFC, then how can we make QRFC call?

so please clarify the things here.

Thanks in advance,


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  • It's explained in the SAP Library.

  • Hi Sandra,

    I already went through this, and it explains only theory about different types of RFC's.

    Could you please go through my question and help with the related information.

  • Theory... so it explains how to "make QRFC call", no?. In the documentation, you probably read everything about IN BACKGROUND TASK, TRFC_SET_QNAME, TRFC_SET_QIN_PROPERTIES, RFC_GET_QIN_INFO, TRFC_GET_QIN_INFO_DETAILS, etc. So please could you explain what is not clear?

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