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Feb 26, 2019 at 01:17 PM

Fiori Elements - no Data binding navigation



I try to implement a Fiori List Report which presents a list of materials. I would like to have when I click on one item line that the supplier is presented on the detail page.

I have choosen from the Fiori Elements the new List Report application. Now in the step of Template Customization I can choose the Odata collection - but i can't choose the Odata Navigation. And I don't know why?

Although in the SEGW Service I have implemented a association and a navigation. And when I make a try in the Service Gateway client with this call:


Then I get the supplier detial.

So I would expect that on the "Odata Navigation" there must be a choosable entry with name "toSupplier" - but it is empty.

What is wrong?

Netweaver 7.4 is used.

SAPUI5 Version 1.52

Can anyone help me?