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Aug 24, 2010 at 06:02 PM

Best practice for connecting to SAP backend from JSPDynPage



Can anyone help clear up some confusion I have over connecting to SAP from Java?

We have a number of JSPDynPage portal applications on EP7 Ehp1 that connect to SAP ECC6.

We currently use 2 methods to call remote functions on the ECC system.

1) Enterprise connector and JCo Client Service

This method has the advantage of automatically generated proxy classes and typed access to function module parameters. It is also more closely aligned to Web Dynpro from a design time point of view

However it also has a number of disadvantages in that it does not support table APPEND structures and requires regeneration for every change to the ABAP structures involved even if the field that has changed is not being referred to. In addition the use of the JCo client service means that the connection pooling must be handled ourselves explicitly

2) Connector Framework - SAP System Connector

This method has the advantage that connection management is handled by the framework. It also has the advantage that fields are referred to by name so if an ABAP structure changes then the remote call will not fall over as long as the named fields are still available.

However this method is more cumbersome because no proxy classes are generated and function module parameters are referred to generically so errors are not picked up by the complier.

Given the limitations of the above 2 methods, what is the recommended approach?

In the book u2018Inside Web Dynpro for Javau2019 Chris Whealy says the following about the Adaptive RFC Layer:

u2018Any Java program running in the AS Java u2013 not just Web Dynpro u2013 can make use of the Adaptive RFC layeru2019

Has anyone been able to use the Adaptive RFC layer from a NON-WebDynpro java application?

Any thoughts on the above would be most welcome.