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Aug 24, 2010 at 12:18 PM

Enhancement inbound function module IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS


Hello all. Can anyone help me with the following issue plz?

The inbound function module IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS needs to be modified so as to cater for the following.

When Idoc contains 'M' for flags AUTLF(VBAK) and KZAZU(VBKD), which is currently not handled in standard SAP, we need to look for the master data in table KNVV to set the flags as per the fields in this table for the new order to be created.

However my problm is that in program MV45AFZZ exits USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAK and USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBKD, evn thou I set the flags in structure VBAK and VBKD according to what KNVV contains. the sales is not being created.

In function IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS; include LVEDAF2U, the flags autlf and kzazu are copied to the structure 'M' and I think this is wat is preventing the SO from being created because at that point in debug when I tried setting 'X' instead of 'M', the SO was created. I cant find a way to modify the contents of this structure because in the exits I am using, the value for these 2 fields for stucture XVBAK is either blank or not accessible.

Does anyone have a solution to this?