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Aug 24, 2010 at 11:52 AM

Output Types > Replacement of text symbols: program, FORM routine needed



I'm searching for a program and/or FORM routine that will replace &EKKO-EBELN& and &EKKO-LIFNR& (from Mail title and texts) .

Example: Hochland Rahmenvertrag &EKKO-EBELN& / &EKKO-LIFNR& Replaced with: Hochland Rahmenvertrag 4600012345 / 712888

I have problems filling the eMail subject when creating a Outline agreement (Apllication EV)... 😔

For purchase orders it's working without FORM routine (Apll. EF) !!!

SAP provides this (empty) fields in transaction NACE (or NACT).

Output type > Detail

General Data > Replacement of text symbols

appreciating any hints in this topic





from SAP F1 context help: ... Program for creating or changing an output text Use In order to analyse parameters in titles of e-mails or faxes, you have to store a special program and a form routine in the field FORM routine. System fields like SY-UNAME or SY-DATUM are are excluded from this: They will be automatically analysed by the system. Example On New Year's Day 2000, you send the purchase order 4711 by fax. The title of the corresponding output type is "Purchase order no. VBAK-VBELN on SY-DATUM" (put a "&" before and after the fields). In the outbound message you therefore have the output "Purchase order no. 4711 on 01/01/2000". The field VBAK-VBELN has been filled with global data by a form routine. ...