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Aug 23, 2010 at 09:24 PM

Error message in "Check Solution Manager"


I'm running SolMan EHP1 SP6. The BI repository and Solution Manager are running on the same box. The BI repository is loaded in client 001. The System SID is PS4.

I'm performing the "Diagnostic Self Check" in Root Cause Analysis. When I select the "Check Solution Manager" button I'm getting an error message

Text = BI Setup check 'MYSELF_DEST' failed - Reason: ;Incorrect client 300; use BI client 001

Action = The CCMSBISETUP job was not completed successfully. Please run CCMSBISETUP again from the transaction solman_admin and/or adjust the corresponding BI objects in RSA1 if necessary.

In RSA1 the source system is defined as PS4CLNT001. So I'm not sure what the problem is.

It is my understanding that I can configure CCMSBISETUP in solman_workcenter by selecting "System Monitoring", then Setup, then Configure IT Performance Reporting. When I do this the default value for RFC destination from Solution Manager to BI: is set to NONE

The system requires and entry for the RFC destination from BI to Solution Manager - Does anybody know what RFC destination belongs here?