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Aug 23, 2010 at 05:06 PM

/sapapo/mc90 extended release - Creating EE order from time series


Hello Friends,

In SNP we have requirement to feed production planned orders at semifishined SKU level based on planner numbers. This we could achieve using /sapapo/MC90 extended release or /sapapo/lcin transaction where we can release data from time series to forder netowrk.

In the selection for key figure screen I am using TYPE- production planned and selecting source and target key figures. With this selection when I release data it gives me error message saying "PPM/PDS does not exist for material at plant " When I checked PDS does exist for that material at that plant. I am not sure why this error occurs.

Now when I choose type External procurement SNP planned I do not get this error and EE orders are created successfully without any issues.

I would like to understand what is the difference between types production planned and external procurement as at the end target keyfigure remains same with category type "EE". in both selection system creates planned production order with category "EE".

One more thing here...When I choose planned production Order type is "1F" and when I choose external procurement order type is "15".

As in SNP order category remains same "EE" how this order type will infulence system? Can anybody give some insight to this?


Harshil Desai