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Aug 23, 2010 at 04:51 PM

Information on Switch Procedure.


HI Experts ,

this thread is in reference to a previous thread which got answered, but along with with a new set of queries for the experts to help me .

I have a z program that uses the table SXMXPVERS. I noticed this program working fine in development environment. However in the quality environment, it failed. The SDN forum gave me a funda on Switch Procedure.

I noticed that there was another table calied SXMSPVERS2, which as per switch procedure, was kind of swapping data . Meaning , data was swapped in between these two tables from time time.

Now my plan is, assuming that data only swaps in between these 2 tables , namely SXMSPVERS and SXMSPVERS2, I would add a couple of lines od abap code in my z program, checking wether the SXMSPVERS if empty, then should move on to SXMSPVERS2,.

My current query is , is my understanding and thinking OK. And is this Switch procedure limitted to SXMSPVERS and SXMSPVERS2, or there may be other tables where the data may get swapped?

In se11 I can see SXMSPVERS has only two types as discussed earlier.

Suggestions please.