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Aug 23, 2010 at 11:46 AM

Archivelink: Logical File path is not completely maintained


Good day

I am setting up data archiving to Content Management Server. I want to archive object MM_EINA (purchasing info records).

I have created a content repository Z2. I have made the following entry in OAC3:


In customizing in SARA I have set the Logical File Name to "ARCHIVE_DATA_FILE_WITH_ARCHIVE_LINK"

In transaction FILE, the value for "ARCHIVE_DATA_FILE_WITH_ARCHIVE_LINK" is set to default: <PARAM_1>_<PARAM_3>_<DATE>_<TIME>_<PARAM_2>.ARCHIVE

Also, the WINDOWS NT settings for the logical path "ARCHIVE_GLOBAL_PATH_WITH_ARCHIVE_LINK" is also left to default "<F=ARCHIVELINK><FILENAME>" This means that the physical path will be set to the path as defined in the content repository which is s:\archive.

Now, when I go to transaction SARA for object MM_EINA and I choose "WRITE", one of the menu bars at the top is "archive directory". When I click on this it shows the archive directory as s:\archive\, which is correct. However, when I execute the job fails with the following in the job log:

Archiving session 000107 is being created

Error passing parameters to FILE_GET_NAME_USING_PATH

Logical file path is not completely maintained: See long text

Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE

Please assist what the problem could be in FILE?