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Aug 23, 2010 at 10:02 AM

filter by 2 different date InfoObj depending on 3d InfoObj value


Hi all

In my query, depending on Product Type infoobject value (4S - securities, 4L - loans) I need to filter records on 2 different dates.

If it is security I need filter on <Security Date> , if it is Loan I need <Loan Date> filter.

I need both securities and loans in one query filtered by one Key Date, but the problem is if <Security date> is filled the <Loan date> is empty and vice versa. So if I got filter on <Security date> I will miss all loans and if I will use <Loan Date> filter I'll miss all securities respectively.

Is where any solution on BEx Query level?

NOTE: I don't want to remodule my InfoCube or make any virtual InfoObjects.

thanx in advance,

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