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Aug 23, 2010 at 04:10 AM

Need Help on Configurations of Data Services on IBM AIX Platform


Hi All,

We are in the process of installing Data Services XI 3.2 on IBM AIX platform.We are having some showstoppers which we are not able to resolve.

It would be of great help to us if anyone can give some inputs.


Data services server: Server A


DB2 Database: Server B


Activities Performed till now on DB2 Side:

Multi user development:

1. Created 2 DBu2019s on Server B

· REPO_CR (Central Repository u2013 Which is used for multi-user environment).

· REPO_LR (Local Repository u2013 Which is used for actual development like login and build jobs).

2. Created multiple schemas under REPO_LR(One Schema for each user).

· User1, User2, User3, etcu2026 (These schemas can hold metadata of Data Services XI which can be used for reference).

Each and every schema should have itu2019s their own user name and password

Activities Performed till now on Data Services Side:

1.Installed Dataservices

Activities Yet to be done on Data Services Side:

1.Configure Repository manager (Create central repository REPO_CR of type sucure using repository manager)

2.Configure Job Server(Create a Job server and assign the local repository REPO_LR to the same)


While creating the central repository usning the below command:

./repoman -UCRREP -Ppassword -SServer B -NDB2 -QREPO_CR -tcentral -c -a -d

an error ocurred as :"Error while creating the Local Repository"

I think we are getting this error because of some connectivity issue between DB2 server and Data services Server.

Please share all of your valuable thoughts.

Note:Our DB2 admin said we cannot create any ODBC connections on AIX platform