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Feb 27, 2019 at 09:42 AM

What to set up in ECC if switching from XI adapter to SOAP/XI (using ABAP proxies)


Hi guys,

we have currently multiple scenarios SAP ECC (ABAP Proxy)->SAP PI->SOAP set up old way - XI protocol, receiver determinations, interface determination, receiver agreement.. We want to switch that to ICO. ICO can use only SOAP/XI adapter instead of XI. My question is - what actions need to be taken on ECC side to start sending client abap proxy requests towards this new SOAP/XI adapter instead of XI one?
My assumption is, XI was running on ABAP stack (port 8000), SOAP/XI is on Java stack (50000). So I'd say some URL must be changed?
And 2nd question - if we do this change, then I assume all proxies must be changed to ICO to use SOAP/XI as all these will be shot against Java stack, right?

Thank you, Peter