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Aug 20, 2010 at 11:33 PM

Multiple ship to line items in a single order



I have a scenario where a single order can have multiple line items and each line item can be shipped to different addresses.

Which basically means line item ship to records may not be same as header ship address and therefore SAP creates different address number (ADRNR) for all line items where ship to addreses is different from header in VBPA table.

The requirement is to have same addresess number for the line items which have similar ship to address so that they can go in single delivery. standard SAP creates different delivery if we make any changes in the line item level though 1 or more line items have the same address.

Note : This is for one time customer, so we are not using different SH customer numbers at line level.

Did any body had this requirement, If yes, can you please guide to solution,