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Aug 20, 2010 at 09:42 PM

LSMW-Actions (IT0000) upload through PA30



We are using LSMW program to upload Actions history for our PA implementation. Batch data recording is done through PA30 to upload IT0000 and IT0001 data.

The issue is -

If the most recent record is loaded in IT000 through the program first and then the earlier record is uploaded, the most recent record gets deleted from IT0000 (though it gets saved in IT0302) with a warning message - this action deletes a record.'

But If I try the same thing through lsmw PA40 recording, both the actions get saved according to dates in IT0000, with a system warning message 'future action exists'. But here no action is deleted.

I am uploading Actions IT0000 through PA30 recording becoz it is always suggested to do so and need to create recording only once. If I do PA40 recording, I have to create mutiple recordings for each action.

There is a requirement to upload the most recent action first and then rest of the previous actions. Not sure why does this happen. What is the solution? Please help.

Thanks in advance.