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Aug 20, 2010 at 03:32 PM

R3load Import with DB2 9.7 under AIX 6.1 is really slow


Dear DB2 Guru,

I have performance issue regarding migration & unicode conversion.

I have migrated ECC 5.0 with DB2 8.2.2 under Solaris 9 into DB2 9.7 FP1SAP under AIX 6.1 TL5

New H/W: P520 - 2 processors Power 6 with 4.2GHz, memory 16GB, storage is DS5020 with two FC 4GB. 5 Disk RAID 5.

For database 143GB, it took about 11 hours. I have tried to follow recommendation from document DB2 Optimization techniques for migration.pdf. These are some modification I have done based on the document:

- set loadprocedure fast LOAD

- Set parallel processes 3, 4 and 8 - not so much different

- Create own packages for big tables than 1GB

- Split Packages more than 6GB

- Increase LOGFILSIZ as 512MB each

- use STTM and Auto Storage

- Instance memory 6GB

- Kernel (including R3load) from May-2010 kernel set (327)

Then I got curious, I have installed standard NW'04 with DB2 9.7 using the same kernel. Nothing change in DB2 setting, leave it as standard installation. 11GB import (standard NW '04), it took slower - 2.5 hours (any number parallel processes don't have any effect, 4,8,12 and even 16).

I have suspected R3load but after I have used latest available R3load kernel (compiled in June 28, 2010). No different.

Standard copy files or DB2 backup are running normal, give faster performance.

Copy with 80MB/s and backup 50MB/s (8 buffers buffer 8192 parallelism 4 - to SATA)

Anyone can give me any idea what could be the issue?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Best Regards,