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Modifying Transaction "settings" property in SAP MII

Hello Experts,

Is there a way to modify the "settings" property in MII for a transaction?

I want to modify the ForceXPathErrorsToEmpty to 'true' in this 'setting' and apply to the transaction execution.

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  • Christian,

    I have around 100 feilds of order and material characteristics, among which 20-30 do exist and not, based on the selected product type.I want to either modify these or add new calcualted feilds dependednt on them. Problem is if a particlar field is not found for a product type MII throws an error for its assignment, or while using to add another calculated coulmn.

    I know this can be better done in XSL where it wont throw error if a node is not found, but i wanted to keep of them only in transaction since the modification and additon of feilds is done conditionally and from diffrent source tables, and also keeping in mind the ease of enhancement.

    The simlple setting of ForceXPathErrorsToEmpty set to true, would help out in the multiple caluclations which are condition based in the transaction itself.


  • How do you know changing that setting will fix the issue? What version are you on and what are all of your Transaction Attributes set to?


  • Well certainly not sure changing the 'settings' will effect in the transaction. Will have to resort to xsl as option.

    Version we are using is 15.1.3, and the transaction attributes are more the standard offers, I couldn't capture a screenshot now.

    Appreciate your guidance and time.

    Thanks, Swapnil.

1 Answer

  • Posted on Feb 26, 2019 at 11:31 AM

    While I have never tried this, you should be able to create an Attribute for the Transaction (in the Menu). Then you can assign the value under Properties (See where the Actions are and step two tabs to the right).

    Good luck and let us know if it works.

    Cheers, Mike

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