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How to club both inspection type 03 and 16 into a single inspection type

Dec 05, 2016 at 06:28 AM


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I am facing a scenario where user need to generate a single inspection lot with two different inspection type, means inprocess inspection should allow the UD as in Inspection type 03 and in addition to that user want to Record the results after 24 hrs (where they use to test the sample in 3 different temperature and keep for 24 hrs) in the same inspection lot. is that possible. Your suggestion is appriciated.

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2 Answers

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Craig S
Dec 05, 2016 at 04:50 PM

This could be a case for using long-term mics.

The insepction type can be whatever you want to use for the purpose. (04 say).

You create one operation in your plan for your initial testing. This would have all the short-term characteristics necessary to do the initial inspection.

Then create a second operation for your long-term MICS. (the ones being done 24 hrs later).

After recording the short-tem results, you can make the UD.

24 hrs later you can then go back and record the resutls for the long-term inspections. If needed, you can change the UD.

This is a similar process as used for testing peroxides. The material is released and processing continues but their are 24hr stability tests that have to be done as well for each batch. Some times a 72hr or 1 week stability test was required too.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks Craig,

I have used Inspection type 4 and created 2 operation one with Short term and Long term then recorded the results for Short term and made UD. after that i tried to record the result for Long term operation 20, its not allowing and showing the status as STIC - Short term insp.completed, ICCO- all inspection completed , UD- Usage decision has been made. Pls let me know is their any mistake from my side.

thanks in advance.



On the MICS you added to the long-term operation did you set the long-term control indicator for the MIC?

This is done in the MIC itself if the test is always long-term.

Or you can unlock the MIC in indiivdual plans and cancel the reference which allows you to edit the control indicators for the MIC in that one plan.

I believe you should be seeing the status LTIN on the lot if there are long-term inspections available.


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Craig S

Hello Craig S,

I set the Long-term control indicator in MIC, Its working now. I got the solution. Thanks for the quick response.



K V Kumar Dec 05, 2016 at 09:05 AM


You can use inspection points option for this. Use the Functionality In-process inspection in production with inspection points. If you use this you can do multiple time results recording for the same inspection lot.



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