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Aug 19, 2010 at 09:12 AM

Sending equipment to outside vendor for repair


HI all,

I am in ERP 6.0, EHP4,trying to use the new functionality of sub-contracting through maintenance order provided in EHP4.But however in components detail screen,i am trying to use the material provision indicator as "K-Material provided by customer" or "L-Material provided by vendor", but system is not accepting neither of these two.I have used control key as PM03 in operation tab page & checked the "sub-contracting" check box.System is throughing below message--

"Material provision indicator cannot be used

Message no. AD_SUBCON016


In A&D subcontracting you must:

Set the Externally processed op. with subcontracting indicator in the operation of a plant maintenance order.


Set the subcontracting type to Refurbishment in the purchase order item or purchase requisition.

If you are working with an A&D-specific process, you can only use an A&D-specific material provision indicator (MPI). If you are not working with an A&D-specific process you cannot use these MPIs.

System Response

The system does not allow further processing.


Change the MPI to suit the type of process working with."

Can you please suggest what is the problem why system is not accepting the material provision indicator?