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Aug 19, 2010 at 04:38 AM

ICR Process 2 - Problem Updating 'Create Addition Fields'



I noticed in my configuration I had document type set to the totals table by mistake. This caused the totals table to be much larger than necessary.

Here are my steps to fix it:

1. Delete BLART from Process 2 'Create Additional Fields'

2. Re-'activate Transaction Data Tables'

3. Add back BLART with Line Items: Sub Assignment

4. Re-'activate Transactional Data Tables.'

Now if a user tries to post a document to 0L through FB01 they are unable. I have to reverse the steps above and then posting is allowed again. The problem is my config is stuck with BLART in the Totals Table.

Note1278063 - Syntax error in SAPLGLIO after activating ICR tables is already in my system. Why else would the system be behaving this way?

Also how many records can the FBICRC002T and A tables hold?